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Pursue the Passion Loves Denver, And Wants To Come Back

November 3, 2008 | by brett | Permalink

It was fantastic to finally bring Pursue the Passion back to Denver for the first time since our Pursue the Passion tour in 2007.  And I have to say, it was a spectacular success.  

On Thursday we spoke to over a hundred high school and middle school students at Thornton High School about life’s ultimate question, ‘What should I do with my life?’ The students were exposed to what steps they could start taking today to set themselves up for career success.   The students then got a special treat to conclude the 90 minute presentation when Pursue the Passion invited Tommy Thwaites, co-founder and President of Coda Coffee, on stage for a live interview.  Brett Farmiloe and the students interviewed Tommy about everything relating to his career journey.  The most interesting aspect of the interview, in my opinion, besides talking about a $500/ pound coffee bean derived from animal excrement, was when Tommy talked about his parent’s reactions to his career decision.  Tommy’s parents initially disapproved of his decision to quit a mechanic job to go into coffee, and then 10 years later poured their 401(k) into financing Coda Coffee.  Talk about a turnaround. 

Tommy invited us to Coda Coffee afterwards to sample some of their creations.  They have a really cool thing going on over there.  The two brothers are the co-founders, and another six equally as cool employees all partake in the coffee wholesaler’s business operations.  Every coffee lover and retailer should check them out at http://www.codacoffee.com/. 

On Friday, Pursue the Passion was invited to keynote and close the City of Englewood’s week long conference.  After the city’s employees participated in an hour long activity where they addressed questions like, ‘What are the 3 most important things in work?’ Brett and Zach took the stage and gave a thought provoking and entertaining presentation.  The City of Englewood will never be the same, in a good way. 

After Executive Director of the Jobing Foundation, Vicki Steere, dropped Pursue the Passion off at the airport, Brett and Zach did what they do best: improvise.  Faced with two hours until their flight (and what turned into being another 2 hour delay, thanks United) the camera was unpacked and improv interviews were conducted throughout the airport.  Interviewees were business travelers ranging from an educational film salesman to a IT systems repair man.  It will be a very entertaining video when it comes out.  Hopefully it will come out this week.  So stay tuned.   That was our 36 hour Pursue the Passion adventure to Denver. 

We’ll be back in the middle of February to give a keynote at the University of Colorado at Boulder and close up Colorado’s Recruitment and Retention Conference. That is, unless you bring us out to your conference or school for a speaking engagement before then. 

Brett Farmiloe and Zach Hubbell together make up Pursue the Passion.  They speak about their 16,000 mile road trip where they interviewed over 300 professionals about how to find passion in work.  Learn more at www.pursuethepassion.com, and join them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2335089409

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