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Students know what they like. How can they find out what’s possible?

November 24, 2008 | by Zach | Permalink

On April 30, 2009 thousands of 8th grades students will be bussed in from all over the valley for the first “Experience Your Future Day” hosted by the Jobing Foundation. Hundreds of valley employers will be brought into Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium to provide an interactive, hands on and informational career experience for the students.

Recently here has been an increased focus on the importance of providing students with reliable and relevant career advice prior to entering High School. While students don’t necessarily have an understanding of the nature of work or existing career possibilities, they likely have a better understanding of what truly interests them than we give them credit for.

What is important is that we engage students in their career journey at a young age. Not so they can make the ultimate decision concerning career choice, but so they understand the way the decisions they are making today affect that end. By exposing the students to dozens of careers they’ve never even heard of you’re allowing them to intuitively realize the multitude of ways they can apply their current interests to their future career.

Throughout the course of our interviews on the Pursue the Passion Tour we found that the ability to link ones current occupation to a strong childhood interest was a common trait in people that LOVE what they do. The experiences and interests we have as children are often the most sincere and healthy we experience. As we become older it is not uncommon to become jaded, confused or indebted to others. This causes us to confuse what we’d like to be doing with what we think we should be doing.

Below is a short video montage of interview segments from the Pursue the Passion Tour. The interviewees speak about what it was they loved as a child and how it influences what they do today. The fact is nurturing these long held interests can be a vital component to finding a career passion. It is equally important that events like Experience Your Future Day exist to show students the different opportunities they have to let their interest manifest.

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