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A job that’s as cool as it sounds.

February 4, 2009 | by Zach | Permalink

Yesterday Brett and I took a trip to Phoenix’s own Rainbow Studios creators of the new Nintendo Wii game “Deadly Creatures”.  Many of us like to romanticize the video game industry.  Imagine how cool it would be to work with creative people, use the newest technology and have our hard work manifest itself in the form of a glorified toy.  Well, many of us would be right.  Working at a video game design studio is awesome.

With this said, it’s not easy and it’s not and the work is not comparable to playing video games.  Some of the more talented people in their own specific creative discipline work for video game design studios.  This means that not only do you have to study harder than anybody else and network like it’s you job.  You also have to have to be insatiable in your pursuit.  Side projects, outstanding portfolios and non traditional education are paramount to getting a job with a cool studio.

With this said, if you’ve got the drive it’s worth pursuing.  Yesterday was a refreshing reminder that if we have a goal to accomplish we CAN make it happen.  Nobody is gonna do it for you, but that’s what you want.  The power to accomplish anything lies completely in your own hands and nobody can take it away from you any more than they accomplish it on your behalf.

So start deciding what it is you want to do and make it your life.  We’ll all be glad you did.

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