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What Wordle Says Pursue the Passion is About

January 14, 2010 | by brett | Permalink

This is Post 1 of 15 to explain the Pursue the Passion book, by Brett Farmiloe. You can preorder the book off of Amazon here.

So there’s this really cool thing on the internet called Wordle. It’s a website that allows you to paste in a bunch of text and then it spits out a nice box of words. The words in the box that are the biggest signify what your text is about.

This is really cool when you have 40,000 words to play with (that’s how many words are in the Pursue the Passion book). What’s even cooler is when you have two books to play with.

You see, I previously wrote a whole book about Pursue the Passion. Then I scraped it because I didn’t like the end product. (It was mainly a book about our road trip, and I believed that the content that made us special wasn’t us…it was the content from the 300 interviews we did.) So I wrote another book, this time focusing on the content that made us special.

Here’s the compare and contrast between the two books. Here’s the book that will come out on 2/2/2010.

New Pursue the Passion Book (Wordle)


Old Pursue the Passion Book (Wordle)

It’s too late now, but which book would you rather read? The one about ‘RV’ ‘life’ with ‘Jay,’ ‘Noah,’ and ‘Zach?’ Or the one about ‘people’ ‘like’ ‘work?’

Brett Farmiloe is the author of Pursue the Passion, a book about finding passion in work. The book combines 300 interviews with a 16,000 mile roadtrip to offer insight that will give anyone willing to discard conventional career wisdom the edge in turning a passion into a profession. It will be released on 2/2/2010.

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