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New Year, New Changes (Including PursuethePassion.Jobing.com)

December 28, 2009 | by brett | Permalink

As you may know, Jobing.com was our Pursue the Passion tour sponsor in 2007 before Zach and I jumped on board to continue Pursue the Passion under the Jobing Foundation.  Today, our site has a new web address.  You may notice that when you go to http://www.pursuethepassion.com, you are automatically directed to http://www.pursuethepassion.jobing.com.  There’s no change to the site’s functionality…all links will still be active.  You can still type in ‘pursuethepassion.com’ without the ‘jobing’ and you’ll get to our site.  The change is just to make sure all of the Jobing sites are consistent with their local market sites (ie http://phoenix.jobing.com)

But in other news, there are some big changes going on with Pursue the Passion.  If you haven’t heard, we have a book coming out on 2/2/2010.  This book will most likely be the legacy we leave behind with Pursue the Passion.  It’s real exciting stuff.  218 pages…full color…and from what I’ve heard from the 25 family and friends I’ve distributed the book to, it was worth the four year wait.

Be sure to become a fan of ours on Facebook for all the latest updates and news.  I’ll definitely be calling on you guys to help with promoting this product, and thanks again for your support over the years.

Brett Farmiloe is the founder of Pursue the Passion.  He also can now officially call himself an author when the Pursue the Passion book drops 2/2/2010.

Pursue the Passion Book Cover (Feedback is Appreciated)

November 13, 2009 | by brett | Permalink

Many of you know that my ultimate goal with Pursue the Passion is to publish a book about our travels and the interviews we’ve done.  Well, the book is almost here.  When it’s ready, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, I was hoping that you could give me some feedback on the potential book cover.  Here it is.  Your feedback is appreciated, and thanks for your patience as we’ve worked towards publishing this project.

Pursue the Passion Book Cover

Illusions of the Job

February 26, 2009 | by brett | Permalink

People oftentimes dream of working in a job. The fact is, they know little about what that job actually entails.

Beer Brewer: One better not start brewing without being into beer.

Celebrity Chef: I have a lot of friends at my twenty year high school reunion coming up, where there will be a routine line of people waiting to talk to me about whether they should quit their $450,000 job at AT&T to be a chef. I say the same thing every time now. “You know that barbeque you had a month or two ago for eight of your friends? And how fun it was? It’s not fun when it’s 800 people waiting who don’t care about you. And they don’t know you. It becomes a different thing.”

Professional cooking and home cooking are not the same. Wives come up to me and say “Oh, my husband. He loves cooking at home! He really wants be a chef…” It’s not the same kind of cooking. It’s like you strap on your tool belt and say let’s do this.

There’s a little bit of the grass is always greener no matter what. People always say to me, “I’ve always wanted to be a chef.” And I say, “Did you enjoy the holidays with your family like the last ten years, because I spent the last eight Thanksgivings cooking dinner for people in a restaurant.” So they got something I didn’t and I have something they didn’t.

Pizza Shop Owner: One of the first things I tell my new hires is that 60% of your job is cleaning. It’s not making pizza. It’s not talking to customers. It’s cleaning. 40% is making the pizzas, talking to the customers, that’s only part of your job. It’s a small part of your job. Some people don’t like that.

Reporter: You can turn the camera on and you’ll find people who are the worst people in the world to be around, and when the light flips on for the camera, it’s like, ‘Wow. This person is wonderful.’

About ten percent of my job is when the camera is on. I would say even ninety-five percent of my time is spent off air. Because we’re only on for two minutes. Ninety-five percent humble, five percent arrogant.

Accountant: The thing that’s cool in accounting is that I don’t just deal with the accounting department. A lot of professions you go into, you just do marketing. Finance affects everyone. We get to meet everyone from ticket sales to the entertainment groups. We have our hand in everything, which is really neat.

Goat Farmer: I decided I wanted to be outside, so I decided I wanted to be a botanist. I went back to college and was taking biology courses. I remember thinking I was doing something exciting because I was studying plants.

I remember sitting there and someone said, ‘You want to do plants? That’s so boring.’ I was like, ‘Here we go again!’ People would tell me, because I had an accounting degree, if I got a botany degree, I’d still be in an office. They’d have me managing projects in botany.

You’re like, ‘Okay. I’m going to spend all this money to get a different degree, only to still be in an office.’ Field work turned out to only be a small part of a lot of those fields. Whereas a long time ago, if you were a botanist or biologist, you spent a lot of time in the field. It’s gotten so molecular that you don’t even do that as much.

So I gave that up.

Serial Entrepreneur: I think when you have an idea, it sounds really great. It’s like this pristine thing. You’re just so excited. And then you test against reality and things become more discouraging and down to earth. You realize all the complexities around it.

CEO: As I travel around the world, people think that Las Vegas is only about gaming. When I first arrived here eleven years ago, gaming represented nearly 70% of the business. Today, gaming is in the neighborhood of 35% of the business.

There are many, many, millions of guests that come to Las Vegas and never go to a slot machine or a table. They come for the great restaurants, the great shows, the great hotel pool spa experience. We have the highest retail per square foot anywhere on the planet. The show attendance, the revenues from shows. The restaurants!

The guests have come to expect an entertainment experience from Las Vegas.

Surfer: I would say, don’t go for fame, go for fortune. Understand? Maybe you don’t. I always thought, I was under the illusion that fame was fortune. Right? And so without being a glutton, or a weirdo, I didn’t think anything about money. I still don’t. I kind of hypnotized myself. I didn’t need help. But, it was just the wrong thing to wish for. Because I got my wish. I got the fame. The fortune went somewhere else. Someone else was thinking about that. So I couldn’t even get involved in that shit. But I thought it came hand in hand. That’s a word of advice from someone who’s been through it.

Public Defender: When I went to law school, the first thing they said to us in our opening was to make a back up disk of who you are now because you won’t be the same person when you finish law school. That’s really true.

So find out more about what each job entails before you jump into it.  View a list of career interviews on our website.

Labor Day 2009: The release date of the book and documentary about labor

February 17, 2009 | by brett | Permalink

An idea came to me last night. Why not release a book and documentary that is largely about labor on the day we call Labor Day? And let it be so, that the 3 year journey to produce a book and documentary about Pursue the Passion will end, or begin, on Labor Day, September 7, 2009.

I figure that anyone working on Labor Day should receive a Labor Day discount. What this discount may be has yet to be determined. But more creative thought on that later.

So far, we’ve already sold 1,000 copies of the book. And it hasn’t been published yet. Since I’m convinced that no one reads our blog, if you respond to this blog either by commenting below or sending me an email with the subject line: ‘Labor Day’ and your mailing address, you’ll find a copy of the documentary in your mailbox on or before the Saturday before Labor Day. Hopefully the documentary will get you psyched enough to read the book.

Just thought I’d share creative thoughts when inspiration strikes.

Labor Day 2009: The release date of Pursue the Passion Book/Documentary

Tell Me If I’m Insane For Even Considering This

December 30, 2008 | by brett | Permalink

I believe the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again. To keep myself from going insane in the quest to publish a Pursue the Passion book, I’ve experimented with a variety of other ideas to present the information we gathered.

Perhaps the sample chapter below could be bordering on insane, but, I want to know what you think.

Pursue the Passion- A Sample Chapter Pieced Together By Being Oh So Clever

Pursue the Passion Book Cover

There was a little monkey named Julius.

Julius the Monkey

Julius didn’t know what to do
Or which passion to pursue
So he decided to hit the road
Just him and his crew (Picture of Julius with Puppy, J. Fox, and Noah)

Noah and Boogie the Bear

What they would do
For the next month or two
Is find cool jobs
And do an interview (Picture of Julius envisioning the crew doing an interview)

Pursue the Passion Crew Doing an Interview

They hopped in the bus
And without great fuss
Headed to California
Without a compass (Puppy driving, Julius waving goodbye to his monkey friends, Noah listening to music, J. Fox with a map upside down)

Hit the Road

As they drove through groves
And around rocky roads
They came to a beach
To a store within reach (Julius pointing from the beach to the store)

The Beach

They looked through the door
And couldn’t believe what was in store
Because they saw all the ice cream in the world
From ceiling to floor! (picture of all the ice cream in the world)

A chef in the back
Stirred sugars and paste
And then scooped it up
Making sure it was fit to taste (picture of the ice cream guy)

Julius asked him for an interview
The chef said it was cool
In fact he was doing something similar
When he was in school

I was pursuing my passion
While my other friends watched TV in bed
I studied hard and eventually
That’s what got me ahead

Now I eat ice cream
Day in and day out
I just create new flavors
And I never want to clock out (ice cream guy doing something magical)

The chef gave them some samples
In cones and in cups
And off they went
To where the next interview was lined up (ice cream guy waving goodbye, Julius and team eating ice cream and going back to the RV)


An Overview of Breaking the Square

November 19, 2007 | by brett | Permalink

Tell me if you would read this book given the following overview…

During the summer of 2007, four college graduates set out across the country to find out what makes people passionate. 16,000 miles, 175 interviews, 500 hours of video and 10,000 photographs later, Breaking the Square is the synthesis of what they have learned both professionally and personally. Breaking the Square is about disrupting the ubiquitous monotony of the corporate, college educated, middle class working world. This book offers advice gleaned not from captains of industry, but rather ordinary people who have found a career they love. It is offered to anybody who feels corralled down an already beaten path, anyone who feels trapped by the limitations of their own existence.

This is the story of Breaking the Square.

If you like this, please pass it along to an agent, publisher, or a friend and tell them to contact us to see our full book proposal. It’s time we did something with our work. Thanks.